Chairs are expensive and difficult to make as a DIY project.
Open design for a chair that can be made anywhere with simple tools and easily to source materials.
- 1 sheet of 18mm plywood or any 18mm sheet material
- M10 Rod 534mm long (x4)
- M10 Bolts, Nuts & Washers (a fair few)
- Battery Drill
- 11mm Drill Bit
- Adjustable up to M10 Spanner (x2 depending on bolts)
- Large Flathead Screwdriver (depending on bolts)
- 35mm Jig for marking out holes for Bolts (optional)
- Jigsaw (optional)
Lo-fi Prototyping
I used lo-fi cardboard prototypes to develop the design realising an issue with the original design. Essentially adding the pair of 140mm width pieces to ensure the strength of the chair.

Here you can see how I used a lo-fi cardboard prototype to realise the solution to a (pretty huge) structural flaw in the design.

Here you can see the assembly system: Bolt - Washer - Timber - Washer. And repeat. 
For the lower using 120mm bolts and upper using M10 stainless steel rod cut to 534mm lengths.