Speakers and studio monitors are packaged in large amounts of non-recyclable & non-compostable, single use polystyrene.
Speaker stand produced from moulded newspaper pulp which doubles as the protective packaging for the product during postage.


Result - using cardboard instead of newspaper in this experiment.

To create this I made an MDF 'positive' using a laser cutter & then vacuum moulded polypropylene sheet to create a top mould. 
I then blended a newspaper in a smoothie maker and mixed that with water & wallpaper glue. 
This mixture was pressed into the inside of the top mould and dried in an oven at about 60 degrees C for a couple hours.
First newspaper pulp experiment
First newspaper pulp experiment
Moulded cardboard pulp half model
Moulded cardboard pulp half model
product premise

How speakers/monitors are currently packaged - using single use, unrecyclable expanded polystyrene. 

How I would propose they be packaged - using moulded paper pulp, with packaging that doubles as a stand.

This model was produced using a single 'i' tabloid sized newspaper.